Yuki Hayashi was born in a colony of Japanese immigrants, in the department of Itapua, Paraguay.The artist has an active career, also training young artists.

Hayashi developed her initial education at the Institute of Fine Arts in Asuncion. After this, she completed four years of graduate studies at the University of Tsukuba, Japan. The experience of immersion in her own her cultural roots, along with all the acquired new learning gave her a better understanding about the art and the principles of Japanese painting. While studying in Japan ms. Hayashi learned what she considers the most valuable lessons, which are self - discipline and expecting the best from her own work.

Her works are presented in annual exhibitions at the Gallery of Asuncion, Fábrica Galeria/Club De Arte in different formats and techniques. Ink drawings, oil painting and watercolor on canvas and other materials as medium show an impeccable technique that reflect a deep, intuitive eye.